Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Basketball Hypothetical

So the NBA playoffs are in full swing. The best basketball on the planet is being played.
Players from around the planet of varying backgrounds come together each season to compete for the world championship. But which of those backgrounds has produced the best players?
What if there were three all-star teams that played off representing the international players, players who came straight from high school, and players who came from college. Who would win? Potential teams would be:
High school lineup:
PG: LeBron
SG: Kobe
SF: McGrady
PF: Garnett
C: Stoudemire
Bench: PG: Telfair SF/PF: Rashard Lewis PF/C: Howard

College lineup:
PG: Kidd
SG: Wade
SF: Pierce
PF: Duncan
C: O'Neal
Bench: PG: Billups SG: Iverson SG/SF: Carter F: Marion

International lineup:
PG: Nash
SG: Ginobili
SF: Diaw
PF: Nowitzki
C: Yao
Bench: PG: Parker F: Nocioni F/C: Gasol

Who's your winner?


Greg said...

That's a tough call... I think it's between the high schoolers and the collegiates.

CLauff said...

I like the starting lineup of the high school team better if they can play as a team. However, I think that the college lineup would be too deep for them and would pull it out in the end.

Westy said...

I've gotta think the high schoolers have the most talent. We've had a 10-year stretch where the best players went straight to the League.
But, that being said, I think I have to agree. The team game and depth of the collegians overcomes.
The question is, in 5 years, will the internationals have overcome the gap?