Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Big Dig

For 15 years, beginning in 1991, Boston and Massachusetts spent an average of almost $1 billion per year in the largest highway project ever.

Known as the Big Dig, the project buried Boston’s central highway underground. However, it has been plagued by reports of multiple leaks and problems with slurry walls, cost overruns to reach its final cost of $14.6 billion, and other problems.

Now trouble has struck again. In horrifying news,

...concrete ceiling panels in the tunnel crashed down late Monday night, crushing a car and killing a 38-year-old woman inside. Her husband barely escaped by crawling through a window.

The question is, was it worth it?



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pepperdeaf said...

reminds me of what they want to do in oak park. they are calling their project "cap the ike."

check out this pic.