Friday, August 25, 2006

Surname Popularity

How popular is your surname? (If you don't know what a surname is, that's very sad, and you need to go here.) Find out here.

I'm proud to say that I'm in the top 50,000 but only barely. I wouldn't want to be too common.

The most common amongst the people I searched turned out to be my co-blogger Greg, who checked in within the top 1,000.

And as it turns out, I'm much more common than some of the others in the blogroll whose names, like my mother's maiden name, were not even in the top 55,000. I guess they have fewer relatives than the rest of us. (Not really.)


AKA said...

Anderson comes in at #9!

Westy said...

You are correct, Ms. Anderson! You may be one of the most popular I know.

Flyin J said...

Surprisingly Kleinman drops in at 8761. I don't know where they all are.