Monday, September 04, 2006

Goodbye to the Crocodile Hunter

Today we lost one of the great personalities in recent television history. How else can you explain the fact that today when he died, everyone knew exactly who was being talked about, even when he was only referred to as the Crocodile Hunter? The Crocodile Hunter was a man with an extreme passion for the created world. His excitement for animals engendered thrill in all of us as we ventured into the world with him. Today he died.

One of my most distinct memories of the Crocodile Hunter's TV show was when I and the group of friends who I had traveled to Florida with counted down to the Y2K New Year watching a Crocodile Hunter marathon.
Steve Irwin was 44. He is survived by his wife Terri and children Bindi Sue and Bob.

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Greg said...

I remember the first time or two I saw Steve Irwin on TV getting so close to snakes back in the late 90's, I wondered if it was real. I kept trying to figure out what tricks they were using with camera angles or if the snakes had been de-fanged or something. The TV drama I was watching was so fascinating, so compelling, that it just couldn't be real.

As the years went on, my doubts went away. However, when I heard the news of his death yesterday, that old feeling came back. This can't be real...