Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hoop Dreams

For a mere $25,000 a night, you can stay at the Hardwood Suite in the Palms' new Fantasy Tower. Now, you might ask, "Where's that?"

Only in Vegas.


Greg said...

I just noticed something. Within this article there is an ad for the Palms that's part of an "ESPN SportsTravel" package. This is just further evidence of the blurring line between entertainment and news in our society. In other words, the bottom line is $$$$.

Have you ever noticed that and will especially hype athletic events that they're televising while (and others) will hype events that they're televising? (By "hype," I'm talking about running 20 news stories covering the same thing from different angles--not referring to ads. I'm talking about what "news" is reported.) I suppose one doesn't know how deep the rabbit hole goes... it's just the world we live in.

Vegas in the Palms of your hands

• Not a pro athlete? Can't afford the high-roller lifestyle of $25K per night? Book at least a two-night stay at the Palms hotel anytime through Feb. 23, 2007, and you may feel like an All-Star when you receive ORBITZ's ESPN SportsTravel exclusive offer, which includes free spa privileges for two per day, free admission for two to Rain and Ghost Bar per day and a $30 credit for Gardunos Restaurant.

lisa :) said...

Yay. My wildest dream can come true. For what many people would love to call a year's wages I could have the thrill of sleeping on a basketball court. Yipee skippy. * sarcasm sarcasm * sarcasm * I think we've officially taken extravagance to a new level.

Westy said...

That's awesome!