Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have previously touched on some of the research Roland Fryer is accomplishing. His work is also cited in the book Freakonomics.

He now has a new web page that details his research. There is a bunch of fascinating research available there, and I'm excited to see what more will come. Definitely check out the American Inequality Lab. What findings outlined are most interesting to you?


Chairman said...

It turns out that people take their research sort of seriously. My buddy is a student in psychology here at the U., and works in the sexual harassment lab. It turns out that his labmates didn't find it particularly funny when I started grilling them about whether they were for or against sexual harassment or what the latest tips and techniques were. However, I was very amused to find that it's not sexual harassment if it's welcome.

Maybe I should go ask these guys if they're for or against inequality, or what the latest findings on effective implementation of inequality is.

Westy said...

Now Fryer has been appointed 'Chief Equality Officer' for the New York City public schools.
Here's hoping he makes a difference.