Sunday, June 22, 2008

Life in Google Street View

On a quiet afternoon at 6436 S. Oakley here in Chicago, two boys didn't notice the camera recording their every move...

Unsurprisingly, it appears that this particular picture has been pulled from online.


Anonymous said...

Westy! I'm assuming I'll get shuffled away somewhere under dark cloth if I use your real name, but HEY! I know that guy (you).

Isn't it strange when you happen across blogs of people you know? Kylene came across mine the other day, which I found odd.

Anyway, just saying "hey." From the looks of things you and my husband would get along quite well. Politically-speaking, at least.

Congrats on your beautiful baby, and take care!

Westy said...

Hey what's happenin' HS?

Congrats on your addition as well.

Hope you get to see my sis' this summer.

If you're ever down here in Chicago drop by and say hi.

And definitely check out my wife's 'mom blog' at WCW's.

Anonymous said...

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