Sunday, December 21, 2008

A World Enslaved

There are now more slaves on the planet than at any time in human history.

Disheartening isn't it? Indeed, Buying a slave in Haiti takes just a few minutes...

But the deal isn't done. Benavil leans in close. "This is a rather delicate question. Is this someone you want as just a worker? Or also someone who will be a 'partner'? You understand what I mean?"

You don't blink at being asked if you want the child for sex. "I mean, is it possible to have someone that could be both?"

"Oui!" Benavil responds enthusiastically.

If you're interested in taking your purchase back to the United States, Benavil tells you that he can "arrange" the proper papers to make it look as though you've adopted the child.

Certainly I hope that we all take a moment to consider how we can help the slaves of the world.

(ht: Kottke)

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