Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bono at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast

Most of you probably know Bono for his other venture. The most valuable thing he's done for the world, however, is unrelated. If you don't yet have an opinion of Bono's advocacy for the vulnerable and poor, watch his keynote address at this year's National Prayer Breakfast.
A leader of the ONE campaign, there can be no doubt Bono is doing some very positive things. What do you think?

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Oneway said...

80's Bono was cool. Today's Bono can be really annoying.

There is room for healthy critique within the Church, such as Paul treating Peter. But, as a Christian, it is immature to bash the Church while refusing to submit to its authority.

Also, debt cancellation won't help Africa, and neither will forming more useless celebrity-studded organizations to garner more blind check-writing. As I alluded to under your previous heart-wrenching post on Chad, there will be no reform in African nation until the autocrats are toppled.

The most humane route is war. As for pacifist civil disobedience, I believe Idi Amin would have slaughtered all of Gandhi's followers without hesitation.