Thursday, February 09, 2006

eBay atheist

You may or may not have heard of Hemant Mehta. He is the fellow who has become known as the "eBay atheist". Basically, he's an atheist who offered, via eBay, to go to the church of the highest bidder's choice.

As it turns out, he's actually a Chicago area resident, so these events are playing out right around here. A Christian group called Off the Map won the bidding and Mr. Mehta will actually be going to several churches and offering his thoughts.

The latest church Hemant visited and reviewed was Willow Creek. He said,
I’ll admit that if I were to convert, it would have to be at a place like this. They drew me in, and I’m not even a believer. They discarded the numerous rituals I expect to see at other churches. The sermon was interesting, and the activities that they hold would certainly be entertaining...
Read all about it at the eBay atheist blog here.

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Greg said...

Thanks for posting this, Westy.

Hemant's blog is pretty interesting. I was actually at the same Willow service as him and so it was neat for me to read his perspective on both the sermon and the scenery.

One thing that disappointed me was that he came to some conclusions about the "Who's Your Daddy?" science lecture without having attended it. I did attend it, and I think Hemant would have enjoyed it for both the science presented and the civility of the Q&A session that followed.