Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Tale of Survival

New York Times reporter Joe Sharkey was on a freelance assignment last Friday in Brazil, flying over the Amazon. What follows is his firsthand account of what would become an incredible tale of survival.
It had been an uneventful, comfortable flight...


Noam said...

Tale of survival? You gotta be kidding me... 155 people died! It's the biggest plane crash ever in the Brazilian aviation history!

Westy said...

That's a fair observation, Noam. We should not take lightly the tragic loss of life that resulted from this incident.

However, the fact that the author survived was indeed a case of survival. As he notes, "I would be told time and again in the next few days that nobody ever survives a midair collision. I was lucky to be alive — and only later would I learn that the 155 people aboard the Boeing 737 on a domestic flight that seems to have clipped us were not."