Monday, October 02, 2006

Win Twins Win

Let the baseball theme continue as today congratulations go out to the AL Central champions, the Minnesota Twins!

For the first time in major league history, a team won their division and only led it one day all year--the last. What a comeback by the Twins.

This will be the third year in the last four that the Twins are in the playoffs, and my hope is this will be the furthest they go. Let's make it two years in a row the AL Central is home to the World Series champions. Much credit is due the Twins management in keeping their current run going. GM Terry Ryan is the best in the business. The NYT had a great piece this weekend detailing some of his success. They cite Mr. Ryan as the brains behind what (especially compared to the Yankees) is a low-budget success.

Congratulations Minnesota Twins. And good luck.
MLB Batting Champion Joe Mauer celebrates with Twins fans after they won the division. (Eric Miller/Reuters)


Greg said...

That's an interesting bit of trivia... the Twins are the only team in history to win their division and only lead it for one day.

I remember back in June (or thereabouts) when the Twins went 9-1 over ten games and didn't gain any ground on the White Sox or Tigers. I thought that was pretty funny. Guess I'm not laughing now.

BTW, Pete Rose says he no longer bets on baseball, but if he did he'd bet on the Twins and Padres. Of course, he also says that it wouldn't be fair for him to bet on baseball because he just knows so much about it. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Pretty soon, the Twins will be tied with everyone else who's gone fishing. Oh well. Maybe next year?


Westy said...

Did I jinx them?