Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Our Fine Governor

The State of Illinois thankfully finally last week passed funding for transit. It was a contentious affair, that came with much lengthy political wrangling. In the end, the governor gave in and granted his own approval with the caveat that senior citizens ride free on transit. True to the weird form he's been holding, he added this priceless nugget of wisdom:

It's like the little boy with a pile of horse manure, I kept digging cheerfully in that and found a pony in there -- the pony is free public transportation for all seniors in the state of Illinois.

Seemingly, he can only be described as a scat enthusiast with a penchance for nursery tales nobody else has heard of. Illinoisans should be proud of their leader...


Chairman said...

Hmmm... between this posting and that Verizon commercial, I no longer want a pony for my birthday or Christmas.

Chairman said...

Westy - is abortion really 28 times more interesting than digging in horse manure and finding a pony? I don't think so. I want more comments here.