Saturday, June 18, 2005

Chicago's Team?

As you know, Chicago has two baseball teams. In a metro region this size, there should be no problem supporting both of them. Right?
Sadly, that isn't so. The Tribune says:
Total paid attendance for each club for the three dates: Cubs 19,410; Sox 56,609.
Think I reversed the numbers? Wasn't it the Cubs with more fans? Wrong, think again. The year is 1962, and the White Sox are the hands down city favorites. Crazy, eh?
Crazy because today the situation has reversed. The White Sox are the first place team in the division, but the fans aren't seeming to follow. Meanwhile, the Cubs consistently sell out. Even the Wall Street Journal has an article about the Sox fans' apathy despite their best record in baseball status.
The reasons for the Cubs' popularity over the White Sox today as compared to then are hard to nail down, but most people would say it's because of Wrigley Field. I might disagree. I think it may be because of the neighborhoods around the parks. If the City of Chicago had done a little better job of bringing in/allowing the same types of businesses around the *former Comiskey* Cell as surround Wrigley, I think it would be a different/the same story.


Garrick said...

Twins are better.

Garrick said...

Also, I hate the Metrodome.