Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Today the Boston Globe published John Kerry's college grades. Lo and behold, guess who did not perform any better than W. Bush??
They attended the same school and likely took similar classes. So is it so obvious anymore which is brighter?
While not a stellar mark on either's record, this likely is somewhat of a surprise to a portion of the voting public.
It's all history now, though.


Greg said...

Ryan, I honestly was just about to send you that link from Drudge... imagine my surprise when I loaded your blog to see that you had already written about it!

Well, I guess John Kerry was an A-student at Yale... AND a D-student. =)

Garrick said...

I hate John Kerry's wife. Thereza or whatever her name....I give her an F+. She gets the + because she helped Kerry lose the election.