Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Slippery Slope

A recent report from the U.K. says that the institution of marriage in that country is more troubled than it ever has been.
Marriage is on the rocks in Britain, with the proportion of unmarried people set to exceed that of married people within 25 years as more men and women opt to live together without constraints.
This is indicative of the decline in conventional successful marriages since the middle of the century. Statistics are not much different here in America.

Similarly, in a sign of changes to the institution of marriage, the first legal 3-way civil union in the Netherlands also was conducted last week. Said the groom (there were two brides):
I love both Bianca and Mirjam, so I am marrying them both.
Thus, the relationship now has all the legal rights of marriage.

Some have asked, "Why is gay marriage any of my business since it doesn't affect me?" Well, I point to these happenings and say, "Do you see?"

First it was divorce. Now that is 'okay' by societal standards. Next comes gay marriage. If that movement is successful in our country, is it any question the next step would be 3-way polygamous unions as is already happening as illustrated above?

This is the prototypical slippery slope. Once the slide begins, it is very, very difficult to stop. Let us band together and hold onto our marriages as sacred. This is an establishment, a covenant, created by God, which we have no right to destroy.


Greg said...

That guy's af greedy hog taking two wives. A poor person like me would be happy with just one...

Westy said...

That might be the funniest comment I've had on my blog since it began.