Monday, January 09, 2006

Since Sliced Bread

What's the best idea since sliced bread? Who knows? And when you think about it, sliced bread was a pretty good idea, and so it would have to be another pretty good one to match that.
Well, a site has captured this concept to attempt to improve America. has asked, "What's your common sense idea?" to strengthen our economy and improve the day-to-day lives of working men and women and their families.
Over the last few months, ordinary Americans submitted more than 22,000 ideas to begin the process of winnowing down these thoughts to one tangible great idea that could have an impact. Now, 21 finalists, or best ideas, have been chosen. It is now the responsibility of us as Americans to vote and decide what the successful winning ideas will be.
There are some truly good (maybe even great?) ideas offered. Some examples are:
  • Standardization of Health Care Data
  • Blanket The US With Wireless Access
  • Tie Minimum Wage to Cost of Living
  • Public Education Reform

And there are obviously more, all of which are pretty good. My personal favorite, though, is one called Massive Public Works Projects:

Such public works projects as the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, The Tennessee Valley Authority, and The New York City Water Tunnels, have created infrastructure expansion, jobs, economic growth and healthcare for millions of Americans. In order to benefit Americans I propose we iniate massive public works projects, aimed at employment of Americans, economic growth, healthcare oppurtunities, and infrastructure expansion. Such projects would include re-opening steel mills, building hydroelectric plants or green energy facilities, Shipyards, bridges, roads, high-rise buildings, tunnels, and renovating existing towns and cities. When government, business and industry start public works projects every business has a chance to capitalize on the increase of productivity. Another concept would be to start pilot towns that are built around the latest technologies such as hybrid and zero emission vehicles, broadband communications, renewable enrgy sources, mass-transit systems, and other emerging technologies that need to be tested full scale. This is a common sense idea, even the Pharohs, and Emporers of ancient civilizations knew, if you keep your citizens employeed and working your ecomomy will thrive.
Obviously I am biased by my career and education, but wouldn't that be awesome? That's what I'll be voting for.
If you don't agree, it's then your duty to vote otherwise. The winner receives a grand prize of $100,000 and a commitment to work to make the idea a reality. The two runners-up take home $50,000. All 21 ideas will be featured in a book to be published in 2006.


Stephen said...

Oh man, I can't choose!
Though I like:
Tie Minimum Wage to Cost of Living
Create "Civil Works Corps"

And yes, I like the Massive Public Works....sort of. My gut reaction was "big dig". that went so well. ;)

pepperdeaf said...

i went with:

1)Public Education Reform
2)Massive Public Works Projects
3)3 Steps to Universal Health Care

that is actually going to be my platform when i run for president too.

Oneway said...

The list of ideas sounded a bit odd, for some reason. Then I checked out the website you linked to. It all made sense when I found out SEIU, a huge labor union, is behind the contest.

Westy said...

Just a note, the next stage of voting is available.
Only 1 I voted for (public education reform so that it isn't based on property taxes) made the cut.
We'll see what the three finalists are. $100,000 certainly won't hurt the cause.