Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sudoku Toolbox

Okay, so a while back I asked the question, "Do you Sudoku?" Well, our good friend, Tim Stall, has answered with a resounding yes.

Tim has designed a very impressive "Sudoku Toolbox." I played around with it today and really liked it. One of the things that separates this Sudoku site from others is that it explains why a move is or isn't allowed (if you ask for it).

Whether you're a seasoned Sudoku grandmaster or someone just interested in learning about the game, I'd encourage you to have a look; and if you agree that it's a fun and helpful site, I'd suggest you vote for it. "Sudoku Toolbox" is currently ranked #20 on Top 50 Sudoku Sites!

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KristinW said...

That's a nice sudoku tool. I shall add a link to it on my sudoku links site

If you want to avoid a download (or you run Linux or a Mac), there are free online sites that give solving assistance. A good one is Fiendish Sudoku which can give hints and step-by-step solutions with explanations.

- KristinW