Thursday, November 24, 2005

Do you Sudoku?

As evidenced below, I am now a Sudoku Grandmaster.

Okay, so maybe the difficulty rating was only 1 star out of 5, but I'm still proud of myself.

If you're interested in playing Sudoku, you can go here. (MSNBC has a new one each day. Looks like the tougher ones come out on weekends.)

Maybe this Thanksgiving, you'll eat turkey, watch football, and play Sudoku?

Note from Greg: Sorry, I meant to have this posted on Thanksgiving but was away from a computer. Just pretend this post is a re-heated leftover.


KristinW said...

You might like this site better than MSNBC: Fiendish Sudoku

It has a choice of three grid sizes, the puzzle layouts are hand-made not computer-random, and it can show Pencilmarks as well as hints and step-by-step solutions.

Worth a look!

- Kristin

Greg said...


Thank you very much. That site looks great.

Anonymous said...

Here's another site:

It offers not only solve features, but also explains why each cell is what it is (hence teaching you to be a better sudoku player), calculates the difficulty of any sudoku board you enter, and lets you tpye multiple values per cell to take notes with.