Thursday, November 17, 2005

The New Face of Chicago

Will this be Chicago's skyline in the future?

On Sunday, the Chicago Tribune featured an analysis of the potential future skyline as shown above. The Trump Tower obviously will be completed as it's already under construction. The Fordham Spire was previously proposed (and blogged about here) but is not yet approved by the city. The ubiquitously named Tall Tower was the most recent proposal. It also has not yet been approved. If all were built, though, the view would be very similar to what's shown above.

For those into architecture, the Trump Tower was designed by Adrian Smith at Skidmore Owings & Merrill. Santiago Calatrava designed the concept for the Fordham Spire, and Cesar Pelli designed the concept of the Tall Tower, which is really only a glorified broadcast tower.

Personally, I think the Trump Tower is well done and will fit into the skyline nicely. The other two, however? Maybe too tall in comparison to the surrounding buildings for my taste. The scale seems wrong. What do you think?


the_dude said...

I definitely like the Trump Tower Chicago. I could do without the others. Too pointy (as you can see I'm quite knowledgeable in these matters...)

Greg said...

My only concern is that the Fordham Spire and Tall Tower are about the same height. Having the two tallest buildings be the same height and so close in proximity w/o being twin towers just looks odd to me.

Chairman said...

It seems sort of retarded to me that the height of a building includes things like antennas and random spikes on the room. That said, I think that the picture looks sort of cool. And once these tall buildings get put up, you'll see some of the other areas around there catch up, I bet.