Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Chicago Skyscraper

The home to the world's first skyscraper may soon be home to another mammoth one. Plans are being made for the nation's tallest skyscraper to be built across Lakeshore Drive from Navy Pier.
The building is being created by Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish 'starchitect', for Christopher Carley, a Chicago developer. As can be seen, it's a pretty cool building.

A lot would need to be done before the building actually began, and it's likely it wouldn't be unopposed. It does seem a little out of scale to the buildings around it, and I wouldn't be surprised if Chicago tries to scale it down a bit. The funniest part of this whole thing is the war of words between Donald Trump, who's also building a new tower in Chicago, and Carley. Trump said:

In this climate, I would not want to build that building. Nor would I want to live in that building. Nobody is going to want to live in a building that's a target.

Any bank that would put up money to build a building like that would be insane.

Carley responded, referring to Trump's building,
I wonder where the insanity limit is? It must be just over 1,360 feet.

I hope the building happens, however. Chicago is one of the world's premier cities, full of works by great architects, and this would only add to that.


teeftastic said...

I want that building in my hometown of Mt. Sterling. It looks sweet, but it's so thin looking. Like it might just blow over. I hope it doesn't blow over.

Westy said...

Whoah! I hope so too...
I hope they've thought about that...
Maybe you should give Calatrava a holla and let him know you could watch his back in exchange for him designing a Brown County masterpiece.