Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Church-State Solution?

Amongst Americans, even amongst evangelicals, there is often no consensus on exactly what role religion, especially Christianity, should play in government. This issue is becoming one of the forefront ones facing us today and has impact on many of the other issues as well.

The debate comes down to what one thinks the nonestablishment clause in the Constitution means and whether one thinks that defines a clear 'separation of church and state' (a phrase not found in the Constitution). I have a hard time believing that many of the founding fathers would have approved of this enforcement of that clause.

This weekend in the NYT Magazine, a potential solution (so defined by the author) is offered. Methinks the author was a bit too ambitious in his attempt to rewrite a few decades of law in order to come up with something that is 'potentially' less divisive. The article provides an interesting synopsis of the issue, however, and thus for someone interested in living by God's moral code rather than our country's, it was interesting.

Personally, I bet the future will tend towards even more schismatic politics. And I'm not sure where that leaves us.

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