Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Which way should the roll roll?

Believe it or not, a few years ago I read in the newspaper (and saw on the local TV news) that two women had gotten into a fist fight in a public restroom over which way the toilet paper should roll. At the time, the news stunned me for two reasons: #1) Isn't that a pretty petty thing to get into a fist fight over? #2) Isn't it obvious that there's only one right way to do it?

Of course, we all know the "one right way to do it," right?


Hmm... I'm getting worried. Okay, so here are your two options:

Exhibit A (front rolling):

Exhibit B (back rolling):

So which is the correct way? Exhibit A or Exhibit B? (Note: Your answer must be accompanied by an intelligent explanation.)


lisa :) said...

Is it sad that I actually have an answer for this?? Haven't gone as far as fist fighting but I have had this discussion with people before and I say that Exhibit A is by far the best way to do it. First off, you avoid the possibility of the paper clinging to the wall from static and also, in Exhibit A you can better see the tear lines when you pull it toward you.

pepperdeaf said...

exhibit b. this strategy makes it easier to tear off a sheet or ten of tp without annoyingly having the roll spin wildly, dropping previously untainted tp to the ground. by taking the end of the tp in exhibit b and tearing it off with both an upwards and inwards motion, the friction creates the perfect tear. if this wonderful strategy is applied to exhibit a except with a downwards motion, one of two things happens, either your hand hits against the wall bloodying the tp or you do not create enough friction and the tp drops to the ground that likely has not been cleaned since the last guy who used the bathroom missed his mark.

additionally, i have never had a static cling to the wall problem, nor do i look for tear lines. . . i just sense them. admittedly, proper tp tearing is an art that takes lots of practice.

middle westy said...

Exhibit A, for the same reasons as pepperdeaf gave for B.

I have no idea why pepperdeaf doesn't use A as his strategy for B is to change the roll to be more like A and then tear.

CLauff said...

Exhibit A, by far. I've been to some pretty nice hotels for work in the past couple of years, and they all do it that way. They even fold in the edges to make a nice pointed edge so that I can find the end of the roll easier.

If anyone knows the right way to do it, it's an upscale hotel.

Greg said...

Pepperdeaf, unless your comment above was an attempt at "bathroom humor," you are a sick and perverted man.

The answers given by Lisa, Mid Westy, and C-Lauff were so good that I'm suspicious that they sneaked peaks at my solution guide.

BTW, if you look closely, you'll see that "Teddy" has it right. =)

Westy said...

I too gotta go with A. I think it's access though.
In A, the plie are ~2" closer to your reach. That's cutting milliseconds off your waste(d) time.