Sunday, November 06, 2005

NBA Myths

As NBA fans, we've heard it all before. The sadly typical statement of someone who enjoys college basketball over NBA basketball, saying it's because "it's more of a team game" or "they actually play defense" or "they can actually shoot". It's why we're losing in the Olympics, don't you know? Because we can't shoot or play D...
Ridiculous, I say.
Thankfully, Patrick Hruby at ESPN has set out to debunk those myths. Of these myths, he says:
Too bad they're utterly bogus.
That's right. Much as some don't recognize, the best basketball on the planet is played in the NBA.


Oneway said...

You beat me to it, man. I wanted to basically write the exact same post you did, complete with a link to Hubry's insightful article. Thanks for the link. NBA fans gotta stick together.

Greg said...

Westy, I enjoyed reading the Hruby article. Oneway, I went back and read your "Tourney Time" post -- hilarious yet insightful.