Saturday, June 10, 2006

Brick by brick, we can make a difference

So a friend of a friend of mine is leaving the USA to build a school for autistic children in Tanzania. It's an inspiring story, which you can read about here. Also, there's a blog. Check them out!


guile said...

your friend is a real-life hero :)..

lisa :) said...

Hey Greg! Thanks for helping spread Colleen's story! I know she appreciates people helping to get the word out!

Colleen Kiernan said...

Hi, Greg,

Thank you so much for posting my blog and site. It is so encouraging to have people who believe in the project enough to get the word out.

All is going well here in Arusha. Things are moving slowly and are rather frustrating but as I said in the blog if it was easy it probably wouldn't be legal. So, I remain optimistic that we'll work out the kinks and be building soon.

So, thank you once again. I cannot tell you how much your support means to me and all of the others involved in the project.

Colleen Kiernan

Greg said...


Thanks for your comments--and keep up the great work!

Chris Zeek said...

I had the honor of meeting with Colleen in Arusha and she and Brick By Brick are one of the few honest organizations working in tanzania to make a positive change. Colleen if you read this, for some reason i cant send you an send me one.
-Chris Zeek