Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Did you know that,

  • The longest insect, a walking stick, measured in at almost 22" long?
  • An ant in captivity has lived for almost 29 years?
  • The mayfly, on the other hand, lives for only 5 minutes past the point it reaches reproductive maturity?

Insects are one of the Earth's most common living things with 925,000 species. They have some crazy members of the family.

All these and more factoids can be found online at the Book of Insect Records.


Chairman said...

I feel like I just stumbled onto the blog of the little kid from Jerry Maguire. Not that that's a bad thing.


lisa :) said...

This brings me back to the days of my Entomology class at U of I (yeah, I'm a big nerd....) and let me just say that as cool as they are, it's reeeeeally hard to catch a praying mantis - they're wicked fast!