Thursday, August 25, 2005

Addicted to the Sun

Do you tan on a regular basis? If so, do you miss it when you skip it? Research now shows that tanning can be addictive. Now that I think about it, it doesn't surprise me. It does seem like some people are obsessive about staying dark, and I guess this explains it.

It again makes me question, though; why does our culture regard a tan as attractive? This is the opposite of some Asian cultures. And I must admit, I feel like I look better when I have 'some color'. Women spend millions on makeup to make their face appear as if they do. Does our culture affect what we find attractive? If so, what does that say about how we choose who we marry and date? Would we not have been attracted to the same person if we had been raised in a different society?


bfiz said...

If that study was conducted in Galveston, I seriously doubt the 145 subjects made up a representative sample. As a Texan, I would say that the majority of the people on the beach in Galveston are…um…a little off.

Greg said...

If I'm not mistaken, I think it used to be that certain parts of American society thought a tan was unattractive. I'm shooting from the hip here (too lazy to Google it right now), but rich people used to think that tans were for the laborers who worked in the fields, and therefore it was a symbol of status (and thus attractiveness I presume) not to have a tan.

afp763389 said...

... :)

Garrick said...

tans = good
pale skin = you look sick
living in MN = fake tanning
fake tanning = weird
no fake tanning = you look sick

I choose fake tanning. Speaking of which I have this sudden nonstop desire to tan.....