Saturday, August 13, 2005


Intelligent Design. A concept that has become the latest buzzword in the 'discussion' between liberals and conservatives.

In this piece the author is outraged that only 28% of Americans believe in evolution while 68% believe in Satan. I'm saddened that only 68% do.

He says,

Ignorance in this degree, concentrated in both the head and belly of a lumbering superpower, is now a problem for the entire world.
What awful effect could this have on the "entire world"? Is it a bad thing that many people disagree with him? I guess I'm just kind of frustrated that he doesn't entirely seem to understand the face of Christianity. He states,
Whether a person is religious or secular, there is nothing more sacred than the facts. Either Jesus was born of a virgin, or he wasn't; either there is a God who despises homosexuals, or there isn't. It is time that sane human beings agreed on the standards of evidence necessary to substantiate truth-claims of this sort. The issue is not, as ID advocates allege, whether science can "rule out" the existence of the biblical God.

There are an infinite number of ludicrous ideas that science could not "rule out," but which no sensible person would entertain. The issue is whether there is any good reason to believe the sorts of things that religious dogmatists believe -- that God exists and takes an interest in the affairs of human beings.

He's right, there are facts. There is only one right answer. However, in the truth that is, God does not despise homosexuals any more than he does you or me. In fact, God despises sin but loves us (Romans 5:8). The sad thing is, from the tone of the article, I don't think anyone's ever made this clear to the author.

Intelligent design will be an issue that brings to the forefront each person's intellectual leaning. One will need to remain logical and rational in order to reach correct conclusions.

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