Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The challenges ahead

As the country joins together to recover from Katrina, many challenges await the workers.

The first and foremost seems to be the fixing of the breached levees in New Orleans. As an engineer, tales of how they will stop the flooding are riveting.

Will New Orleans ever return to normal?


Oneway said...

With all due respect, after this disaster is withstood, everyone involved should consider never rebuilding in the New Orleans area. Living below sea level in an area prone to hurricanes? Whose idea was this?

teeftastic said...

I've been thinking about that alot lately too. Someone said to me the other day, "Why didn't they leave when they heard all the warnings."

I said, "Why did they choose to live in a bowl right by the ocean?"

Westy said...

That's definitely a common reaction from us northerners. Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune even wrote a piece on it yesterday and ran a poll on whether to rebuild or move. Moving was winning by a wide margin.
Here's his latest blog entry talking about Hastert's comments:
Zorn blog