Friday, September 09, 2005

Me and my 3 parents.

Now wouldn't that be a scary proposition? To legitimately have three genetic parents?

Well, it's close to becoming reality. British scientists have been given permission by their governmental oversights to proceed with just this experiment. This experiment would merge embryos with donor eggs to replace damaged mitochondrial DNA. This would in essence give the offspring three genetic parents, with the nuclear DNA of his "parents" and the mitochondrial DNA (which contains 37 genes) of a another woman. To me this sounds like the beginning of a slide down a slippery slope.

The troubling thing is that there are many advocates for the procedure. One medical ethicist said:
For those who would see this as a threat to the family unit, we should endeavour to persuade them that reproductive technologies could encourage a greater acceptance of diversity in our society.
Now, that's scary! They're claiming this is a good thing because it's just adding to human diversity? Whoah. So if we start adding animal genes, that would be good as it's adding to our diversity?

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Greg said...

I've often wondered what type of top secret science projects are going on around the world. We see movies all the time that deal with secret science labs with freaky experiments. Sadly, on the top of secret science and messing with DNA, truth is probably stranger than fiction.

As Sherlock Holmes would say, "Revelation, my friend. Revelation." (Or something like that.)