Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who is #1? (2 is not a winner and 3 nobody remembers)

On the road to a national championship in college football, every game is precious. Sure, some teams have recovered from a single loss, but it's a long shot. Many teams have even gone undefeated and still come up short.

This weekend college football fans will be treated to a rare September showdown between two football powerhouses: Ohio State and Texas. The winner will will be hailed as the top contender to USC's throne. The loser will have nearly all the nails pounded into its coffin of national title hopes.

Now, imagine for a moment if I were made Supreme Ruler of NCAA Football. I'd have a 4-team playoff system, and here's how it'd work:

a) Every team plays an 11-game regular season. If a conference wants to have a championship game, then fine. 11+1=12.

b) After the conference championship games have been played, the final poll of sportwriters+coaches will come out with a Top 25. The top 4 ranked teams will play in a playoff. The first round will be held one week after conference championships are over. #4 plays at #1. #3 plays at #2. The winners determine who plays for the national title and who plays in lesser bowls during Bowl Week.

b2) There is one exception to my "Top 4" rule; and that is if only one team makes it through the conference championships undefeated. In such a case, that undefeated team would be guaranteed a spot in the playoff. So, let's say the Akron Zips finished 12-0, but were only ranked #17. As long as they're the only undefeated team, they'll automatically replace the #4 team in the playoff. (You might not think that's fair, but remember, you're not the Supreme Ruler of NCAA Football right now. I am.)

Well, that's my two cents. I think that my system would decide the championship on the field, preserve the special importance of the entire regular season, and put human computer pollsters in unemployment lines. Plus it'd give a glimmer of hope to all of the little schools out there who only want a chance to be heard.


Westy said...

I cannot believe there's not a playoff in college football yet.
How ridiculous!

bensheets said...

i'm OK with having 8 or 16 teams in a playoff. that's still only four weeks of playoffs (like NFL).