Monday, September 19, 2005

A Thin Line

Thanks to Gapers Block for pointing us to an intriguing site. Words don't do it justice, but this site shows the very thin line between suburbia and the city. As a civil engineer who also got a degree in urban planning, I thought this site was neat.

Giving it a little bit more of a plug, I should note the site is an advertisement of sorts for an artists showcase:
The exhibition "Urban, Rural, Wild" presents work by eight artists addressing the complex historical and contemporary relationship between metropolitan Chicago and downstate Illinois.


Oneway said...

From one civil engineer to another, thanks for the link. Visually stunning.

One thing I can't figure out is how you deal with Crook County. Or are all of your projects outside of the city?

Westy said...

Actually, we do have some projects with Cook County. The folks we work with are for the most part quite decent.
Most of our projects are from outside the County, however. DuPage and McHenry occupy a lot of our work.