Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ivy League Evangelicals

Here's another attempt in less than a week by a major media outlet to describe the evangelical phenomenon in America.
As a part of the aforementioned Class Matters series in the New York Times, this article addresses the growth of evangelical missions within the Ivy League universities. The article discusses the fact that evangelical Christianity is moving out of the middle to lower class realm, in which it first boomed, and into the veritable upper crust of society. They claim that being an evangelical Christian no longer is an indication of a lower status in America.
Again, I am struck by the seeming surprise the authors have at the success this movement is having. Again, might I suggest that this model is nothing new, but the reason Christianity has grown to be the largest religion in the world?
The article even states:

To many evangelical Christians, the reason for their increasing worldly success and cultural influence is obvious: God's will at work.

But then it goes on to suggest other possible explanations.

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