Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Bean Viewing

I wasn't able to post as often this weekend as my family was in town for the Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun. Yesterday we packed a picnic and headed down for lunch on the lawn in Millennium Park.
As most Chicagoans know, the park has become a Chicago can't-miss destination. For those who haven't been able to see it yet, I would encourage you to.
Beginning in a couple weeks, this summer's photo exhibit will begin. This year's features Chicago photographer Terry Evans' pictorials from the air above Chicago (in the vein of previous smash hit Earth From Above), now a book called Revealing Chicago.
The other main attraction is the Cloud Gate sculpture, which has become affectionately known as "The Bean." Unfortunately, at this point, it is not 100% complete and for most of this summer will be kept partially under wraps as they finish the final polishes. As of yesterday, you were able to see enough to know it's going to be very cool, but you certainly were left wishing you could see more of it. As well, as we know from seeing it before the polishing began, one of the coolest features was to walk under the bean to the middle part where your reflection encircled you. That is the thing you miss the most right now. But, I guess with patience a beautiful finished product will be wrought.

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