Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Google Map Hacks

So most of you probably already know, but Google recently launched the beta version (wonder what the full version will be like?) of their own maps feature. Having been a frequent visitor to some of their predecessors such as Yahoo or MapQuest, I can say that Google's are the best out there. They come with the feature of switching to satellite photo view, which is a giant step up over the competition.
Of course, they have inspired their own competition as Microsoft is coming out with their own version of maps, which look quite cool. I'm looking forward to their release, but I imagine that Google's final maps will add some of the same features soon.
As the best currently available, though, it didn't take long for the Google maps to be 'hacked' (channelling address or GPS info through the Google open source interface to create an easy-to-read map). Thanks to Chicagoist and other sites, here are some of the cool things you can view:

Finally, some ambitious people have found some pretty neat things amongst the satellite photos. One of my favorites is the aerial view of the White House.

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